Our Mission

About us

Our mission is to make every aspect of home ownership a delightful experience. It’s super ambitious, yes, but we’ve already begun making headway.

The Housecure story

We know first hand that home ownership – and exchanging property in particular – can be extremely stressful, uncertain and even unfair at times.

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Max Inglis

Co-founder of Housecure

We’ve personally been gazundered, gazumped, lost thousands of pounds on sales that didn’t exchange and been stuck waiting months while our sellers found a place to buy.

1 in 4 accepted offers never make it to sale. So when you look at the statistics, our own story is hardly surprising.

The havoc caused is almost unbelievable: entire chains collapse, future plans are put on indefinite hold, and millions of pounds are wasted every single year.

It doesn’t matter who you ask – the government, industry experts, the wider public – everyone knows the system doesn’t work.

The house buying problem

We combined our own professional understanding of the law with deep research. We examined government policies, market investigations and alternative models used in a number of countries. Our conclusions were clear. The real estate market is in need of three elements.


Offers aren’t legally binding until exchange. As a result, too many buyers make offers they can’t or won’t follow through with.


Many sellers and buyers don’t know what they’re getting into when they make or accept an offer, either about the process or each other.


With only a few checks done at the beginning of the offer-to-sale process, it’s easy for unreliable buyers to take advantage of the system.

More to come

This is just the beginning

Housecure is growing rapidly and adding many new features. If you feel there is anything we could improve, we would love to hear from you.